Our Specialties

CMSI has successfully found solutions for the complex and ever-changing process of medical business management. We focus the skills of CPAs, attorneys, business managers, system analysts, and third-party reimbursement specialists on your practice to achieve a level of performance that in-house managers can’t duplicate.

Because we serve group practice across the greater Southeast, we have broad and varied experience to draw upon. We constantly monitor changes that affect your business environment to minimize the impact of negative forces and capitalize on new opportunities for you.

CMSI performs all of the essential financial functions and record keeping for medical practices, such as payroll and payroll tax reporting, accounts payable, health insurance analysis, pension and profit sharing calculations, originating physician employment agreements, etc.

CMSI helps guide and position your practice for expansion in new modalities, new facilities, and with new managed care contracts, ensuring that as your practice grows, your revenue grows as well.

Highlights from some of the practice types we manage…


The introduction and implementation of ICD10, reimbursement cuts, and compliance issues significantly impact a practice’s revenue. CMSI provides the solution by offering state-of-the-art Revenue Cycle Management software – Merge Financials – by employing coders certified by the AAPC, and by providing robust report Analytics. CMSI performs Charge Capture Verification to ensure every dictation that is performed is billed and resolved. CMSI’s solutions help practices maintain revenue, reduce operating costs, and minimize regulatory risks.


Ipad interfaces are available to ensure accurate data is obtained and to speed charge capture and billing and reduce Days in A/R. CMSI’s certified coders apply appropriate PQRS codes to ensure practices meet Meaningful Use requirements. We provide automated Analytics reports to verify that the correct reimbursement is received according to negotiated fee schedule contracted amounts.


CMSI provides best practices in coding related to cardiovascular and cardiography procedures, including HCPCS and modifiers. CMSI uses automated CCI Edits inherent in the Merge Financials software as well as Clearinghouse Edits to ensure correct claims are billed and denials are minimized. Claim receipt and payment response is measured in hours, not weeks or months.