CMSI provides state-of-the-art Billing and Revenue Cycle Management to our clients through the use of Merge Healthcare Inc. (NASDAQ: MRGE) sophisticated “Financials” software. Merge is recognized as an industry leader in providing Management Information Systems to numerous specialties. Merge was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as the leader in radiology Meaningful Use attestation, and rated “Best in Interoperability” in their quest to develop a fully integrated Health Enterprise solution.

CMSI provides state-of-the-art Revenue Cycle Management and Technology designed to maximize the speed and correct reimbursement of claims while significantly reducing Days in Accounts Receivable due to incorrect or incomplete claims, as well as compliance risks.


Technology Solutions

Merge Financials


Merge Financials

  • Speed claims processing
    Integrate with your RIS for immediate access to patient information needed for claims.
  • Increase collections
    Minimize denials and ensure optimal claim acceptance rates with built-in auto coding.
  • Achieve shorter days in accounts receivable
    Identify the right claims to ensure payment, track claims and follow up on denials and low pays.

Automate your back office with a billing system that improves revenue cycle management so you can increase collections and expedite claim processing.

Download Merge Financials DataSheet

Merge Dashboards


Merge Dashboards

  • Analyze performance measures
    Track ordering patterns, modality use, staff productivity and other quality, efficiency, financial and compliance metrics for your practice.
  • Automate report generation and delivery
    Access data from Merge RIS and Merge Financials dynamically as it’s created, saving time and effort required to manually pull data.
  • Customize for your practice
    Create custom reports or custom dashboard views by user to graphically monitor important metrics.

An on-demand business intelligence solution

Download Merge Dashboards DataSheet

Merge Documents


Merge Documents

  • Front office and file room savings
    Eliminate the need to search through patient files, while deploying personnel for other critical tasks.
  • Faster turnaround times
    View documents seamlessly, improving clinician productivity.
  • Improve billing productivity
    Decrease accounts receivable days and increase collections with access to necessary documentation at all times.

Merge Documents provides a comprehensive paperless office solution that’s designed to streamline workflow, reduce expenses, and facilitate compliance with HIPAA guidelines. Merge Documents stores and manages every document electronically and provides an immediate link to financials systems for instant document availability.

Download Merge Documents DataSheet